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What You Need To Keep In Mind when Searching for an Internet Marketing Partner:

pocketknifeKeep your web marketing effort aligned with your business goals with Pay-for-Performance (P4P) web marketing campaigns managed by SUDO Marketing.  We listen to our customers and carefully integrate search engines optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns with tangible, measurable business objectives.

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Why SUDO Marketing Is Different…


SUDO Marketing is a marketing company first, focused on your business, your branding, your sales objectives and the business process of conversions (converting sales leads into paying customers).  The technology serves the business.  With many competitors, this relationship is reversed.  We engage our clients to articulate goals that are important to the business and then work together to align your web campaign with tangible business objectives.  We believe in continual evaluation and interactive feedback.  It is vitally important that we continue demonstrable added value, via monthly SEO scorecards on a regular basis.   We work with our customers to define a strategy that maximizes shared value.

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Make SUDO YOUR Marketing Partner…


SUDO Marketing has a tightly integrated core of key services.  We do not offer web design or web production services, although we can recommend business partners that do this type of work.  We believe that our the best use of our marketing oriented analysts,  engineers and support staff is by training them on the narrow objective of increasing the ROI of your company’s web presence.  Concentrating on these core areas allows us to focus on results and iteratively refine our process, thus delivering the highest value for our customers.

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Our objective is to maximize you marketing investment by being mindful of the small business’ cash flow. Optimize your traffic and conversions with one of our P4P service offerings.